Thursday, April 21, 2011

Feelings in 5 minutes

A piece of my soul
just floats away
It doesn't happen
every day, or just any way

It's big things
small things
epically infinite
or seemingly tall things

I've lost friends
to death
I've lost lovers
despite wealth

and how small
all my deepest problems
seem to really be
with starving or hurt misery

in our wide, wide world.

A piece of my soul
just floated away
It happened
on a very, really, regular day

It's the small things
the big things
definitively infinite
or unseeingly claw at you things

I've gained friends
at random
I've networked with others
despite all limitations

and how massive
all of my minute little issues
finally appear to be
with so much more out there

to learn about reality.

A piece of all our souls
can float away
without concentration
on any day, or every day

It's all the things
that can build up
or be ignored
that can keep us hinged on anything

What keeps us
from really knowing one another?
What keeps us
from reaching out to each other?

How is it
this world can seem
so big and scary
but so absolutely

at the same time so very ordinary?

No soul is ever
alone, withered
or without caring
to survive it takes daring

No matter what thing
stands in anyone's way
who is anyone
to stand in and do the same

The world is made up
of so many glorious
wonderful, magnanimously
and compassionate things

Blessed I feel
In almost every way
the people that make me
feel loved by what they convey

How is it that
any day keep us from knowing?
What else is out there
and just plain showing

The good, the bad, and all that is?

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